Coronation Roadmaster’s House Museum
5200 Railway Avenue
Town of Coronation

About the Museum

Built in 1911 to house the CPR Section Crew and Foreman, it was later designated as the ROADMASTER’S HOUSE.  When the CPR downsized, it was rented out to the public.

Concerned citizens rescued the building from demolition. Restoration was completed by the Coronation and District Historical and Museum Society.

In 2002 the Roadmaster’s House was designated as a Registered Historical Site by the Province of Alberta.  It soon became apparent that more space was needed to display CPR and Pioneer artifacts.  The Wheatridge School, the CPR Bunkhouse and a new Display Building were added over the next few years.

Hours of Operation

The Coronation Roadmaster’s House Museum is open:

  • June, July & August
  • Wednesdays
  • 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

For off hour viewing please call:

  • Shelley @ 403-578-4052
  • Janet @ 403-578-3842
  • Karen @ 403-578-2473
  • Bubbles @ 403-578-2286