Business Licenses

Business Licenses

The Town of Coronation has a Business License Bylaw.  The Bylaw applies to any trade, business or occupation that is carried on with the intention of making a profit, unless that business is exempt under provincial or federal legislation.  All new businesses are required to obtain a business license before commencing operations, and all existing businesses are required to renew their business licenses annually.

Business License Fees

Business License fees are as follows:

Annual Business License – Resident Business (any person or firm carrying on business from a taxable premises within the corporate limits of the Town of Coronation)
$50.00 *

Annual Business License – Non-resident Business
$100.00 *

Home Occupation or Seasonal Business

7-day Non-resident Business

24-hour Non-resident Business 

*New annual Business Licenses issued after June 30th – 50% discount
*New annual Business Licenses issued after September 30th – 75% discount.

Additional details relating to the licensing of businesses can be found in the Town of Coronation Business License Bylaw #2014-629.

Business License Application