2024 Assessment Notice

Property Assessment Notices

The Town of Coronation mailed Assessment Notices on February 26th, 2024. Your 2024 Property Assessment notice tells you the current Town assessed value of your property. Due to the processing delay at the Province of Alberta Land Titles Office, recent ownership and mailing address changes may not be reflected on Assessment Notices.

Why do I receive a Property Assessment Notice before my property tax bill?

Your property's assessed value is used to calculate your Property Tax Bill once Town Council sets the property tax rate in May. Property Assessment Notices were mailed out on February 26th, 2024, to allow property owners time to review the assessed value and to address any concerns with Revenue & Assessment Services. Since you are not able to dispute your Property Tax Bill, it is important to carefully review your Property Assessment Notice before the May 3rd, 2024, complaint deadline.

What if I have a concern or believe there is an error on my Property Assessment Notice?

If you have a concern or believe there is an error on your Property Assessment Notice, don't hesitate to get in touch with The Town Office at 403-578-3679 or email to arrange to speak with the town CAO.

As a taxpayer, you are entitled to see or receive sufficient information about your property under Section 299 of the Municipal Government Act and a summary of comparable assessments in the municipality (Sec. 300) to satisfy that your property has been fairly and accurately assessed. Matters Relating to Assessment and Taxation Regulations (pdf) lays out further guidelines as to the method and timelines for receiving assessment records or summaries.

If your discussion with an assessor doesn't resolve your concerns, you may submit a formal written complaint to the Clerk of the Regional Assessment Review Board before the appeal cut-off date, which appears on your Assessment Notice.

When will I get my Property Tax Bill?

Town Council sets the property tax rate in April - May. Your Property Tax Bill is generally mailed out by late May or the beginning of June.

NOTICE: Bylaw No. 2023 - 696 " Borrowing Bylaw."


Bylaw No. 2023-696 - “BORROWING BYLAW”

Notice is hereby given that Bylaw No. 2023-696, the "Borrowing Bylaw," has received first reading on February 27th, 2023, and will be open to the public for appeal until March 14th, 2023.

The Borrowing Bylaw will allow the Town of Coronation to lend up to $950,000.00 in debenture to pay for essential sewer and road repairs within the municipality. These repairs are necessary to maintain the safety and quality of our community's infrastructure and will benefit all residents and businesses in the area.

To submit a petition in accordance with Section 231 of the Municipal Government Act:

  • Electors may submit a petition for a vote of the electors to determine whether the proposed bylaw or resolution should be passed.
  • A petition must be submitted within 15 days after the last date on which the proposed bylaw or resolution is advertised.
  • Pursuant to Section 1(i) of the Municipal Government Act, an "elector" means:
  • A person who is eligible to vote in the election for a councillor under the Local Authorities Election Act.

Pursuant to Section 47(1) of the Local Authorities Election Act, a person is eligible to vote in an election if the person

  • is at least 18 years old,
  • is a Canadian citizen,

resides in Alberta and the person’s place of residence is located in the local jurisdiction on election day. And in accordance with Section 223 and Section 251 of the Municipal Government Act, a poll may be demanded in the Town of Coronation by electors equal to at least 10% of the population.

The petition for a vote must be received by the Chief Administrative Officer within 15 days of the last publication of the notice and shall contain on each page "an accurate and identical statement of the purpose of the petition". Further requirements of the petition are provided in Section 224 of the Municipal Government Act.

We invite members of the public to review the Borrowing Bylaw and submit any appeals in writing to the Town Chief Administrative Officer before March 14th, 2023. This is an important opportunity for residents to voice their opinions and concerns regarding the proposed borrowing, and we encourage all interested parties to participate in the appeal process.

For more information about the Borrowing Bylaw, the appeal process, or how to submit a petition for a vote of the electors, please contact the Town Office at 403-578-3679 or visit our website at

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Quinton Wintfley,

Chief Administrative Officer