• Maintain site registrations and reservations and maintain an effective written record of such
  • Complete daily cash reconciliations for Campground registration fees
  • Deliver Campground registration fees to the Town Office at least once per week, or more often as required.
  • Maintain a physical presence at the Campground each day, ensuring a full-time presence on weekends and Statutory Holidays, or as campground activity level warrants.
  • Water, weed and maintain new and previously planted trees and flowers as required.
  • Maintain Campground equipment in good repair and ensure that necessary maintenance and services is completed as required
  • Collect and dispose of all garbage on site
  • Collect any waste, litter and debris from campground sites and common areas
  • Repair, clean and maintain camp kitchen and picnic tables as required
  • Clean the washroom facilities daily
  • Ensure that toilet paper is adequately supplied to all washroom facilities
  • Paint buildings, signs or posts on site as required.
  • Construct and repair benches, tables and/or other structures as required.
  • Inspect playground equipment and arrange for any necessary repairs
  • Make note of any user vehicle license plates that may be required to identify and locate users that did not pay to stay at the facility
  • Report vandalism or damages to the Town Office immediately
  • Report traffic offences (ie. speeding/stunting) to the RCMP and to the Town Office
  • Report any minors consuming alcohol on site to the RCMP and to the Town Office



  • Clean common areas of the Medical Residence once per week.
  • Clean bathrooms of the Medical Residence once per week.
  • Deep clean bedrooms when medical staff move out, prepare the bedroom for the next staff member to arrive.
  • Other duties may be required upon request and need.

An infrastructure Master Plan (IMP) is a very useful tool that can be used by the municipality to deal with the infrastructure that is nearing the end of life or becoming problematic. The other is if the infrastructure isn’t sufficient for the higher demands of growth or simply is not meeting the stricter standardized regulatory codes.


The Town of Coronation is seeking proposals from qualified individuals or firms to review and update the 2010 Infrastructure Master Plan. To be considered for this project, proponents must propose an appropriate team of planners and engineers, present a methodology for completing the work, and demonstrate suitable knowledge and relevant historical experience. This Request for Proposal (RFP) describes the services sought by the Town of Coronation, the Proposal requirements, and sets out the Town’s RFP process, evaluation and selection process.

Request for Proposal- Council is seeking proposals and a cost estimate to conduct an assessment of the current municipal sewer systems. this will need to include GIS, Video, and locating lines and depths of all sewer lines, and an outline of the types of materials (ABS, Clay, or tar paper). Last, this will also need a full assessment review with recommendations on how to best move forward with the current sewer line projects.

TBD | Sewer Assessment Tender | $TBD

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